The innovation of ON-OFF4youngsters lies in empowering entire school communities reaching out to youngsters through a motivational learning approach exploiting ICT-enabled training material and an AR game. Based on Positive Psychology and Positive Technology theories, together with the AR technology good practices, the ON-OFF game aims in establishing a state of health and happiness during the learning process and a strong engagement of the students when dealing with demanding or annoying topics. The project will go beyond the use of common methodologies to detect possible needs of students and teachers related to risks entailed in excessive use of Internet, developing an ICT-based structured curriculum and an AR game that proposes a series of activities infuses into the gameplay.


The project’s learning activities and the development of the training material will be designed considering the different needs of the individuals. Towards that direction, ON-OFF4youngsters will develop the ON-OFF toolkit, which comprises a complete training package (a new innovative curriculum together with an AR game) targeting children, teachers and parents in order to raise awareness about the causes and risks behind the excessive online engagement, while emphasizing on the great benefits of technology and the vitality of the offline activities.

The ON-OFF Learning Experience

  • Is a new approach that raises awareness about Internet Addiction and bridges the gap between online engagement and offline alternatives.
  • Provides an innovative way of professionals approaching youngsters and parents when it comes to online behaviour. 
  • Opens new horizons in involving children in the teaching process by capitalising Augmented Reality and new ICT-tools for a lasting educational experience.